Why She-Ra is My Adulthood Hero

shera photo

She-ra is awesome. As a child of parents who did not understand my love for horses She-ra always had my back. My granny once had the audacity to ask me what exactly my She-ra doll ‘did’. Seriously did this woman not own a tv?

Anyway She-ra was my childhood hero for many reasons. Firstly she had very long thick swishy blonde hair. Who as a child didn’t want this? I had shoulder length average brown non swishy hair that my mother insisted got trimmed regularly much to my objections. At one point she totally eliminated any hope of thick swishy retro tv hero hair by cutting me a curtain style fringe. Naturally as a result of this I’ve insisted in spending my adult hood with ridiculously long hair hoping that my mystical powers will unveil themselves any day now. Given that it took an hour and a bottle of bleach to lighten the ends of my hair, I have wisely given up on the blonde idea.

Secondly She-ra has a horse. God help me as a child I always wanted a horse. I’ve no idea why as my family are entirely horse free but as a child I spent many an hour looking at the dimensions of our small housing estate back garden and arguing with my mum over the logistics of stabling the Irish equivalent of Swift Wind there. Not surprisingly as an adult I have my own horse (seriously, my upbringing had a lot to answer for). Now Siog doesn’t have wings or appear from the sky on command but she is still pretty cool in her own way.

And Thirdly She-ra had a sword. Let’s face it – no one messes with you if you have a sword. Life really was much easier in the 80’s where any problem could be solved with a sword, a portal to another dimension or a Care bears style lesson on working together (now to be honest with you the whole working together and sharing piece never enthralled me as much as the sword did).

Fear not as an adult I do not have a sword (or the weird relationship with my siblings that She-ra had going on with He-man). I do however have a rather fantastic She-ra t-shirt, a She-Ra doll (thank you Ebay) and a She-Ra and He-Man cigarrette lighter (I don’t smoke but when you are shopping online under the influence of alcohol you tend to filter out anything rational..) .

I’ve been wearing my t-shirt to work strutting around trying to resist the urge to shout ‘for the honour or Grayskull’ while shooting scathing glances at any youngster who dares be uneducated enough to ask ‘who is She-ra’. I suspect my boss may feel I am abusing the casual dress policy…..


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